Homework required to put forth this site, created a vision for me of my early ancestors.  I will present it here.



Some of this theory is absolutely correct, some is pure imagination on my part, some is somewhere in between.  I am well aware that there are various other ideas about who all my ancestors were and where they all came from.  My take on it all is not to be taken as a quarrel with any one or any other ideas.  I'm sure I'm dead wrong about some or even much of what I have here.  I intend to start here and tweak it as my ideas about it all change.  In any event, here is;



My Theory

by D Butt


William Butt was born in 1637 in Bristol, Glocester-Shire County, England.



He came to Portsmouth, New Hampshire in about 1660 when he was about 23 years old.  He almost immediately moved to Dutchess County, New York, where he met and also in 1660 married Elizabeth whose maiden name is unknown.  Elizabeth was born in 1638 in Dutchess County, New York.  William and Elizabeth then moved to Prince Georges County, Maryland.   William died in Prince George’s County, Maryland in 1715.


William and Elizabeth had a son named Richard who was born in about 1670.  One source says Richard was born in Dutchess County, New York, another says Darnell’s Grove, Prince George’s County, Maryland.  In about 1700 in Prince George’s County, Maryland, Richard married Mary, whose maiden name is unknown.  Mary was born about 1680, and died after 1767 in Prince George's County, Maryland.  After Richard’s death, Mary married Mr. Metcalf.  Hence she is sometimes erroneously referred to as Mary Metcalf.




George Green along with son Thomas (born in England), emigrated from Farmingdon, Berkshire, England to Pennsylvania – now Kent County, Delaware - in July, 1683.  They came to this continent on the ship “Liver” out of Liverpool.  This George Green, while it's doubtful that he was a Quaker, was granted 2,000 acres of land by William Penn.


A Thomas Green, who I think was George Green’s son, is in Kent County, Maryland in 1696.   "Old" William Green, son of Thomas and unknown wife is born in 1695 in either Kent County, Pennsylvania - now Delaware - or Kent County Maryland.  In 1723, in Prince George's County, Maryland, "Old" William Green marries Dinah Butt, b. 2/5/1707/8, in Queen Ann's Parish, Prince George's County, Maryland, daughter of Richard Butt, b. 1670 and wife Mary.


Here are some messages I received recently from Glenn Kinser of Shepherdstown, WV.  


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Hi all,

Here is some information on William Green that I have been putting together in the last week or so.  I think it may add a few pieces to what most of us previously had.  I have tried to incorporate everything that I have seen.  I realize that the parents of William are not certain, but had to start somewhere as a hypothesis.  There is quite a bit more to add, both from historical records and also from the archaeological study that was conducted on the Green property.  Please let me know if you have any thoughts or corrections.  Also please pardon the formatting, I am not sure what happened when I transferred it from Word to this email.



William Green, the son of Robert Green, was born 28 Dec 1694 in Portobacco(Port Tobacco), Charles Co. MD to Robert Green and Mary Ann Boarman.  He married in about 1723 in Prince George ’s County Maryland to Dinah Darke Butt b 5 Feb 1705/6 in Queen Anne parish, Prince George’s Co. Dinah is the daughter of Richard Butt and Mary Metcalf(this may be her second marriage, her first marriage might have been to a Metcalf. This is the decendancy that appears to be correct for the Greens, however there are other alternatives that people have proposed for William and Dinah. Regardless of the ancestors of William, there is a great deal of information on William Green and his family from both the historical record and from information obtained by Dr. Charles Hulse during an archaeological dig on the property near Shepherdstown once owned by the Green family.

            William Green and his wife Dinah probably had several of their children prior to relocating to Virginia in the period of 1830-1844.  The dates for the couple and the birth of their children are quite variable in the literature, which has made me wonder if there was possibly another generation during this period.

            William and his family settled approximately four miles north of Mecklenburg (later Shepherd’s Town, now Shepherdstown) by at least 1744.  William acquired the land by purchasing it from Lord Thomas Fairfax in 1751, but traditionally people lived on the land for a period of time before the sale was final. The land was surveyed in 1751 and the farm consisted of 197 acres (Shepherdstown Land Grant Map #97-36 No. 802). The Fairfax holdings were originally surveyed by George Washington to determine the exact boundaries because the original “Northern Neck land grant” to Fairfax gave him all of the lands between the Rappahannock and the “first fountain of the Potomac”.  The original “ Fairfax stone” was laid at the origin of the North Fork of the Potomac after the survey on October 3, 1746 to delineate the boundaries of his land.  The grant was originally issued by King Charles II in 1649.  The source of the Rappahannock is 77 miles to the south, the two points encompassing the western edge of Fairfax ’s holdings.

            Shepherdstown developed slowly as the immigrants traveled the trails of wild game and Native Americans westward to the Cohongaroota, as the Potomac River was known above its confluence with the Sherando (Shenandoah) River.  Many of these immigrants were German and they called the village New Mecklenburg.  The land was originally granted to Isaac and John Van Metre(Meter) who had two years to settle the grant, but they quickly sold it to Jost Hite.  Hite sold 222 acres of his holding to Thomas Shepherd who laid out the town on fifty acres in 1762.  The town was then called Mecklenburg and renamed Shepherd’s Town in 1798, approximately 20 years after the death of Thomas Shepherd.

            Geographical History of Shepherdstown

                        1741 Orange Co., VA

                        1751 Frederick Co., VA

                        1772 Berkeley Co., VA

                        1802 Jefferson Co., VA

                        1863 Jefferson Co., WV

            Several listings in the 1751 Frederick Co., Court records listed transactions of William Green.  The include the account that John Smith Jr. whose father operated the mill at Turkey Run offset part of his obligation to William Green with three and a half yards of checked linen and 36 feet of walnut boards.  Green in turn, as is present in a commodity trading environment, also was indebted to Smith and repaid him with a saddle, horse (gelding) and cash.  He also paid others for bills that Smith had incurred.


Children of William Green and Dinah Butt

      Regnal Green ~1724-1740

      William Green Jr. ~1728-1742

      Mary Green ~ 1732-1743

      Joseph Green ~1726-1744

      Elizabeth ~ 1736-1751

      Sarah Ann Green~1744-1750

      Keziah Green 1734-1737-1748-1755

      Dinah Green~1738-


                  The above dates represent a range that I have seen for the various children of William and Dinah.  I put them here to illustrate the confusion found in the data and to show why the dates are problematic.  If we use the latest dates of birth for each child, Dinah would nearly too old to bear children.  If we use the earliest birth dates, say 1734 for Keziah Green, my ancestor, then Keziah would be 51 years of age when she married Daniel Devault in 1785. She continued to have children for about fifteen years, a near impossibility.  A second spouse for William would solve some of the existing problems with birth dates, but at this time there is no evidence for that.

                  William Green Sr. wrote his will 12 Nov 1776 and there is a final accounting in Will Book 1, page 216 of 20 Mar 1786 .  He left one shilling sterling to grandson William Green, son of Joseph Green(deceased), 98 ½ acres to Regnal(part of this Regnal had already received).  Son William also received 98 ½ acres, thus distributing all of the land that he had acquired in 1751 by grant. In actuiality, it appears that the total amount of land actually left by William Green was 250 acres, 127 to William and 150 to Regnal. His wife Dinah received her “thirt”(third) of his personal Estate with the remainder distributed to daughters Sarah, Mary, Kezeah, Elizabeth , and Dinah.  Regnal was the sole executor and the will was presented to the court on 21 Mar 1780 .

                  The appraisal of the property of William Green at his death provides an insight into the life of the Green family, both in terms of the type of farming, but also their status in the frontier community:    Pounds

                  A Gray Horse               200                  Bed and Lumber           30

                  Eight Cattle                   600                  Corn and Bacon        100

                  Eleven Sheep                150                  Tobacco, Wool, &

                  Five Hogs                       39                              Earthenware     60

                  Two Hives of Bees         15                  3 Wheels,Pewther &

                  Plow and sundry Iron      30                              Lumber            52/10

                  Three Hides                     9                   Chest                             7/10

                  Sundry Old Casks          20                  Bed & furniture 30

                  Wheat in Ground            60                  Potts and hook tubb     25

                  Old Waggon & Gears 120                    Side Leather                   9

                  Old Gun                           3                  41 Ct Thread                90

                  Old Hackle                       2                              Total           1752 Pounds


                  Dinah Green’s Will can be found in Berkeley County Will Book 3, page 492.  It was written 6 June 1800 and probated 21 Feb 1803 .  It states that Dinah Green, widow of William Green, deceased, had two daughters: Sarah Butt, widow of Richard Butt who receives 2/3 of her estate, and Dinah Green married to Joseph Dean have half the remainder if she comes for it.  She mentions Regnal, her granddaughter Dinah Butt and granddaughters Susanna and Ruth Butt.  Her grandson Isaac is named executor.  This will also establishes that she is the mother of Regnal Green and that son William who had died in 1799 left a widow Mary Green(who married John Butt).





Note he name "Dinah Darke Butt".  The middle name is unconfirmed.  Note also the name "Mary Medcalf/Metcalf".  This was not Mary's maiden name.  She married a Metcalf after Richard Butt died.


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Dennis,  I have made a couple of suggestions to the text of your document that may help.  Portobacco was the original name, but the newer name is Port Tobacco.  I checked on the name of the County in Maryland where much of the family appears to be from using one of the possible William Greens and it is Prince George's County.  The name Shepherdstown apparently was not used until some time in 1802, before that it was either New Mecklenburg or later Mecklenburg.  I bolded the term Shepherdstown because that is the only spelling that I am aware of except for the fact that for a while it was called Shepherd's Town.  I am not sure about the dates for that usage.  I will try to look up info and see if New Mecklenburg is east of Shepherdstown, but at this time I do not think so.  It is possible that it was closer to the crossing know as Blackford's Ford, but the land there is very steep and not really buildable.  I am sure that the Green property is north of Shepherdstown, as I passed it daily on my way to work.  George Washington surveyed the farthest reaches of the Fairfax Grant to determine "the first fountain of the Potomac" which is marked by the Fairfax stone at the state park.  I have been there and should have a picture.  The advantage of this survey is that it gave Fairfax much more land, allowing a line to be laid out connecting this location to the head of the Rappahannock River.  The Fairfax stone placement also marked the western boundary of MD and a vertical line extended northward to PA marks the end of MD and the edge of VA.  I hope that all of this explains the reasons for my comments below.                                  






Descendants of William Green I



Generation No. 1


1.  WILLIAM4 GREEN I  (ROBERT3 GREENE, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born December 28, 1694 in Portobbaco(Port Tobacco),  Charles Co, Maryland, and died Abt. 1779 in Mecklenburg (Shepherdstown), Berkeley Co, Virginia.  He married DINAH DARKE BUTT Abt. 1723 in Probably Prince George's Co, Maryland, daughter of RICHARD BUTT and MARY MEDCALF/METCALF.  She was born February 05, 1706/07 in Queen Anne  Parish, Prince George's Co, Maryland, and died Abt. 1802 in Shepherdstown, Berkeley Co, Virginia.



It is recorded that there is an indenture by William Green's son and heir, Regnal Green I, to a Joseph McMurran, dated Dec 11, 1800 stating that his father ( William Green I ) had purchased 297 acres of land, by deed, from Thomas Lord Fairfax, on the 13th day of J_____(blank), 1751.  No record of this event can be found, other than in this indenture by William's son 49 years later.


Source for William's birth:  Colonial Records of Southern Maryland


Will:  Berkeley Co, Virginia, November 12, 1776: Will Book I, March 21, 1780.  Balance Due estate L 2259-7-1.  To funeral expenses L 100-0-0 (largest amount for funeral record by researcher)


According to the book "The Green Tree" by Robert M. Green, William and his family settled about 4 miles north of Mecklenburg(Shepherdstown), Virginia around 1751.  William purchased his land from Lord Thomas Fairfax (297 acres) in 1751.  Lord Fairfax had this land surveyed by a young George Washington prior to the sales.


"History of Shepherdstown 1730-1931" Germans originally settled this area around 1720-1730 calling their new settlement  New Mecklenburg which was probably just east of present day Shepherdstown.  At the time the Northern Neck of Virginia was a dense wilderness.  there were also settlements named Potomoke and Pack Horse Ford.  The year of settlement may have been as early as 1707.  In any event, Jost Hite sold 222 acres of land to Thomas Sheperd, which Hite originally bought from Isaac and John Van Metre, on Oct 3, 1734.  Shepherd laid  out a town on 50 of these acres in 1762, and called it Mecklenburg.  Later the town was to use all 222 acres.  In 1798 the town changed it's name to Shepherd's Town in honor of Thomas Shepherd who died in 1776.  In October of 1765 the Virginia Assembly granted Thomas Shepherd the right to establish a ferry from his property to cross the Potomac into Maryland and rescinded this act because  Thomas Swearingen had previously established a ferry from his property to Maryland, just a short distance from Shepherd.


Note on Shepherdstown area of Jefferson Co, Virginia:

1741-Orange Co, Virginia

1751-Frederick Co, Va

1772-Berkeley Co, Va

1802 Jefferson Co., VA

1863-Jefferson Co, W.Va

Many records are not available due to destruction during Civil War battles.  Several Green marriages were performed by Rev Hugh Vance, a Presbyterian.





Will, Berkeley Co, Virginia, made June 6, 1800, proved Feb 21, 1803


I believe that our Dinah's surname was Butt, and that she was the Daughter of Richard Butt who died in Prince George's Co, Maryland, in 1715.  We still need to investigate the records of St. Barnabus (Episcopal) Church in Queen Ann's Parish, Prince George's county, Maryland.  The relationship is not yet sufficiently proved to Richard Butt.  The name Regnal is found often in the Butt family, and also in the Odell family.  The Odell's were neighbors of the Swearingen's, Duvall's, and Butts in Prince Georges Co, Maryland.


Dinah apparently spent her final years with her daughter Sarah Green Butt, wife of Richard Butt I.


WILL BOOK 3, pg 492-494, Berkeley Co, Martinsburg, W. Va--Dinah's will is on file there.  She only mentions daughters Sarah Butt, and Dinah Dean, and son Regnal Green.  Also granddaughters Dinah Butt, Susanna Butt, and Ruth Butt, and grandson Isaac Butt.  Apparently all her other children were gone by the time she made her will.  She did mention that the sum she left her daughter Dinah Dean was only to be given to her "provided she comes for it herself", no doubt because Dinah and her family had moved to far from the family--either Ohio, or Kentucky.


Children of WILLIAM GREEN and DINAH BUTT are:

2.                i.    REGINAL (REGNAL) GREEN5 SR., b. Abt. 1724; d. Abt. 1834, Fairfield Co, Ohio.

3.               ii.    JOSEPH GREEN, b. Abt. 1726, Berkeley Co, Virginia; d. Bef. November 12, 1776, Berkeley Co, Virginia.

4.              iii.    WILLIAM GREEN JR. II, b. Abt. 1728, Berkeley Co, Virginia; d. February 27, 1793, Berkeley Co, Virginia (now West Virginia).

                 iv.    MARY GREEN, b. Abt. 1732, Berkeley Co, Virginia; d. Bef. 1800, Berkeley Co, Virginia--died young.


Notes for MARY GREEN:

Not mentioned in her mother's will, probably died before it was written.


5.               v.    KEZIAH GREEN, b. Abt. 1734, Berkeley Co, Virginia; d. Bef. June 06, 1800, Berkeley Co, Virginia. I don't think so, I think she died Ohio.

                 vi.    ELIZABETH GREEN, b. Abt. 1736, Berkeley Co, Virginia; d. Bef. 1800, Berkeley Co, Virginia--died young.



Not mentioned in her mother's will.  Probably died before it was written.


                vii.    DINAH GREEN, b. Abt. 1738, Berkeley Co, Virginia; d. Aft. 1800; m. JOSEPH DEAN, Bef. 1800, Berkeley Co, Virginia.


Notes for DINAH GREEN:

Dinah was known to have left the area where her mother died, and did not ever return.  Her mother mentioned her in her will, written abt 1801-1802, but the stipulation was that she could have it "provided she herself came for it."  Nothing has been found further on this child.


Notes for JOSEPH DEAN:

Apparently Joseph moved his family from Virginia to either Ohio or Kentucky, and contact with them was lost.


6.            viii.    SARAH ANN GREEN, b. 1744, Prince George Co, Maryland; d. Aft. 1803, Jefferson Co, Virginia ( now  W. Va).





Here are two maps that show these locations in England with respect to London and the rest of England and Wales about 100 years after William Butt was born.


I have placed a red arrow on this map to point out the locations of Glocester-Shire and Berk-Shire Counties and Liverpool which is in Cheshire County.  


Here are two migration maps that bring the the Green and Butt people from England to this continent and then together in Prince George's County, Maryland.  They are Thumbnails.  Click on them to enlarge them.  Then when you're finished viewing them, to return here, click the "BACK" button in your browser address bar.


Alternate route - The Greens - William Butt, son Richard, gr son Richard Butt-Sarah Green Maryland rev 1- W V and Samuel and Eliz. Swearingen.jpg (1704450 bytes)



Richard Butt, b. 1670 is the only known child of William and Elizabeth.


Notes for RICHARD BUTT:  January 3, 1700 Richard Butt of Anne Arundel Co, Maryland purchased 206-1/4 acres of land called "Batchelor's Delight" which was part of "Darnell's Grove" from Robert Tyler** who had recently purchased it from Richard Marsham.  This land was on the side of Collington Branch (See map below) and had been in Calvert County, but at the time of the transfer was in Prince George's County.  It was bounded by the remainder of Darnell's Grove and the land of Samuel Duvall* and Robert Bradley.  Robert Tyler and his wife Susanna** acknowledged the deed.  It was witnessed by Richard Duckett and Lewis Duvall****.  Richard was "of Anne Arundel County" and was named as a "planter"*. Purchase price was 69 pounds sterling.  Deed recorded February 25, 1700, volume A page 349.


From De Vaughn's site.

*About DUVALL, Samuel
Will probated:
Duvall, Samuel, Sr., planter,Prince George`s Co.,11th Jan., 1741;
24th March, 1741.
To daus. Elizabeth Tyler, Susannah Falconar, and Esther West, 5s. each.
To dau. Sarah Beck, lot in Queen Ann`s Town.
To dau. Lucy Forrest, 100 A. lying next to land of Henry Odell and Richard Butt at her death to pass to her dau. Elizabeth; should she die without hrs. to next hr. of Lucy, afsd., and in event of her death to grandson Samuel Dewall Beck son of James Beck, William Forrest husband of Lucy, afsd. to have life int. in this.
To grandson Samuel Dewall Beck, 212 A. dwell. plan.
To dau. Rachel Butts
***, £10.
Exs.: Grandsons Samuel and Edward Tyler
***** and son-in-law James Beck.
Test: David Watson, Joseph Peach, Robert Kunstuble (Konstable). 22. 442.
Note: James and Edward Tyler, renounces ex.ship of will.


**Robert Tyler was married to Susannah Duvall.  Susannah was a sister of Benjamin Duvall, the father of Sophia Duvall who married Thomas Butt, b. 1705.  Mary Butt, daughter of Thomas Butt and wife Sophia Duvall married another Robert Tyler.  This Robert Tyler was the son of Edward Tyler*****, son of the above mentioned Robert Tyler and wife Susannah Duvall, making Robert Tyler, the husband of Mary Butt, the grandson of Robert Tyler and wife Susannah Duvall.  Rachel Duvall*** who married Richard Butt, b.1703 was the daughter of Samuel Duvall.  Samuel Duvall and Susannah were half-siblings.  Lewis Duvall**** was the brother or half-brother of Susannah.  Thomas Butt and Richard Butt were brothers and sons of Richard Butt, b.1670, and wife Mary, the owners of Bachelor's Delight.



**** Lewis Duvall.

Born: Abt. 1625 - Place: Nantes, FRANCE
Died: Abt. 1694 - Place: Middle Plantation, Anne Arundle Co., Maryland
Burial: ............. - Place: ..................
Father:Massoit DUVALL
Mother: Margaret ORBIN

!"Founders of Anne Arundel and Howard Counties" p104-107
Immigrant from Nantes, about 1650. He came as one of the 150 adventurers brought over by Colonel William Burgess. Settled near Col. Burgess in Anne Arundel Co., on the South side of the South River and became a successful merchant and planter of that favored section.

He left his third wife a such vast estate that she became the third wife of Col. Henry RIDGELY, and later the wife of Rev. Mr. HENDERSON, the commissary of the Church of England.

Mareen's will was probated in 1694; about the time of the removal of the Capitol from St. Mary's to Annapolis.  It is not known who were his first wives.  His heirs, in order mentioned in his will were: his wife, Mary, who inherited a life interest in "Middle Plantation" with the remainder at the death of his stepmother; Elizabeth, who received 150 pounds sterling and 375 acres call "Bowdels Choice" in Calvert County; Benjamin, who received 150 pounds sterling and 200 acres, which was one-half of "Howertons Range"; Mareen the younger, who received 150 pounds sterling and 300 acres called "The Plains" in Calvert County; Mary who received 150 pounds sterling and 320 acres called "Morleys Grove" and 370 acres called "Morleys Lott"; Johanna, who received 150 pounds sterling and 311 acres called "Larkins Choice" and 200 acres called "Duvalls Range", both located in Anne Arundel Co.; John who received 5 shillings, all wearing apparel and a silver tobacco box.  John was appointed co-executor with his brother, Lewis, and his brother-in-law Robert TYLER; Samuel, who received 5 shillings; Mareen the elder, who received 5 shillings; and Susanna, who received a silver tankard.  It has been suggested that Mareen might have been partial to some of his children.  In view of the holdings of his other children, it is preferred to think that he was insuring the security of the younger children.  Mareen;s widow, Mary, married second Colonel Henry Ridgely Sr.

One wife was closely allied to John LARKIN, a neighbor and enduring friend of Mareen.  Five of his 12 children were married during his lifetime. "Mareen the Elder" also called "Marius", by his mother-in-law, married Frances STOCKETT, daughter of Thomas.  He was ancestor of John P. DUVALL (Virginia Legislature member).  Capt. John DUVALL, who held a large estate, married Elizabeth JONES, daughter of William JONES, Sr., of Anne Arundel Co.  Their daughter Elizabeth, married Benjamin WARFIELD, youngest son of Richard, the immigrant.  Her sister, Comfort, married William GRIFFITH, of Frederick Co.

Eleanor DUVALL, of Mareen, married John ROBERTS, of Virginia.  Samuel DUVALL married Elizabeth CLARK, in 1687; Susannah married Robert TYLER and was the ancestress of General Bradley T. JOHNSON; Lewis DUVALL married Martha RIDGELY, only daughter of the Honorable Robert RIDGELY, of St. Inigoes, in 1699.

Judge Lewis DUVALL[1]
 1663 -

      Title      Judge
      Birth      Abt 1663
      Gender      Male
      Person ID      I6269      Pitards and Lansdales
      Last Modified      25 Jan 2005 00:00:00
      Father      Mareen DUVALL, "The Emigrant", b. Abt 1625, Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, France 
      Mother      Mary
      Family ID      F4415      Group Sheet
      Family      Martha RIDGELY
      Married      5 Mar 1699  [2]
      Family ID      F6894      Group Sheet
         1. [S17] Anne Arundel Gentry: A Genealogical History of Some Early Families of Anne Arundel Co., Maryland, (Rpt. Delaware: Colonial Roots, 2003.), 3.92

         2. [S125] Anne Arundel County: Church Records of the 17th and 18th Centuries, F. Edward Wright, (Westminster, MD: Willow Bend Books), 13

Another Lewis:

Lewis Duvall and Margaret Driscal. Lewis Duvall was born pre 1740 possibly VA or PA. He died pre 28 Aug 1780 Fayette VA. Lewis married Margaret Driscal ca1765 Fayette Co. PA.

Penni Brough

DUVAL(L) marriages in Maryland
Posted by: Marilyn Roth (ID *****9310) Date: March 03, 2005 at 14:36:59
In Reply to: Re: DUVAL(L) marriages in Maryland by karen webster of 383

I think Marin, as spelled in SKORDAS' Early Settlers of MD (from land records), was the ancestor of all the early DUVAL(L) families in Maryland. I've seen two possible places of origin for Marin, b. ca. 1630, Remiremont, Lorraine; or Laval, Mayenne, France. He had will pr. 13 Aug. 1694, AA, MD. Here are some clues to narrow your search a bit.

This seems the most likely Sary/Sarah. WRIGHT's Anne Arundel Church Records, All Hallows: John DUVALL & Eliz. had dau. Sary, b. 24 July 1697, & dau. Comfort, b. 17 Mar. 1700/1; & had bpt. 27 Mar. 1706: Sarah, Comfort, Lewis, & Rachell. They also had twins Murrene & Mounttillion, b. 10 Mar. 1698/9, both bu. 21 Mar. 1698/9.

Marin DUVALL had five sons old enough to have had a Sarah who married in 1720.

1. Marin the Elder, aka Mareen & Marius (ca. 1661 - 1734/5?) m. Frances STOCKETT by 1687, when they had son Murrene {sic}
2. (Capt.) John (ca. 1664 - bef. 8 Je. 1711, inventory, AA, MD), m. ca. 1686, Elizabeth [JONES?]
3. Samuel, m. 18 Je. 1697, All Hallows, AA, Elizabeth [IJAMS], wid/o Danl. CLARKE
4. Lewis, (ca. 1678 - 1724, SC) m. 5 Mar. 1699, All Hallows, AA, Martha RIDGELY, d/o Robert
5. Marin the Younger (ca. 1680 - 1741) m. 21 Oct. 1701, All Hallows, AA, MD, Eliz. JACOB, d/o Capt. John

{Benjamin, m. 1713, Sophia GRIFFITH, d/o Wm. [Obviously, you can rule out Benj., as he married too late.]}
You can also probably rule out these because of their wills:

3. Samuel DUVALL, PG Co., Will pr. 24 Mar. 1741. To daus. Eliz. TYLER, Susannah FALCONAR, Esther WEST, Sarah BECK, Rachel BUTTS, Lucy FORREST (& her dau. Eliz.) Exs. grsons Saml. & Edward TYLER & son-in-law Jas. BECK.

5. Mareen the Younger left a will as Mareen, Sr., pr. 9 Je. 1741, AA: To wf. Eliz. & ch. Mareen, Samuel, John, Jacob, Lewis, Benjamin; daus. Susanna FOWLER, Eliz. DENUNE, Ann CARRICK, & Mary.
Garrett may also have been spelled Ger(r)ard, and the one that married Sarah DUVALL might have been son of the first.

Garrett TOPPIN and Elizabeth had a son Peter TOPPIN, bpt. 2 May 1708, St. Anne's.
Elizabeth TOPPING m. 24 July 1718, St. Anne's, Edward HALL.
Rachel TOPPING m. 17 N 1719, St. Anne's, John SEWEL.
Anne TOPPING m. 22 Dec. 1750, St. Anne's, John SENHOUSE.
Peter TOPPIN & Mary had son John, bpt. 26 Je. 1727, All Hallows. [WRIGHT's AA Church Records]

MD Rent Rolls, Middle Neck H., AA, 1707, "Boyds Chance," 60 acres surveyed 26 Je. 1684 for John BOYD in the wood between South and Severn Rivers, possessor Gerrd. TOPPING for MOONSHOTs' orphans.


This is from a Chaney family web site.


ELIZABETH3 IIAMS (ELIZABETH2 CHEYNEY, RICHARD1)  She married (1) CAPT. DANIEL CLARK.  He died October 1696 in All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel Co, Maryland.  She married (2) SAMUEL DUVALL June 18, 1697.  He was born Abt 1667. 

Children of ELIZABETH IIAMS and CAPT. CLARK are:

  1. THOMAS4 CLARKE, b. September 28, 1688.
  2. WILLIAM CLARKE, b. September 11, 1691.
  3. RICHARD CLARKE, b. July 30, 1694.


  3. RUTH DUVALL, b. July 31, 1703.
  4. ESTER DUVALL, b. October 04, 1705; m. WILLIAM WEST.
  5. SARAH DUVALL, b. August 28, 1708; m. JAMES BECK, April 01, 1733.
  6. LUCY DUVALL, m. WILLIAM FORREST, July 01, 1735.


Here's a relationship chart of these people and others.








Here is some information I received on May 21, 2008 from Polly Horn and Howard Butts.  It is the estate of Edward Butt who was thought to be the son of the above, Thomas Butt and Sophia Duvall.  This information sheds new light on these relationships and those of us who descend from them.


Edward Butt Estate p 1.jpg (319522 bytes)

Edward Butt Estate p 2.jpg (136804 bytes)

Edward Butt Estate p 3.jpg (226874 bytes)

Edward Butt Estate p 4.jpg (168484 bytes)





This is from: 


 r c h i v e s   o f   M a r y l a n d   O n l i n e

Acts of the General Assembly hitherto unpublished 1694-1698, 1711-1729


Volume 38, Page 263

Acts of
April, 1720,ch. 5

An Act to Enable Benjamin Duvall of Prince Georges County to Sell two hundred Acres of Land part of a tract of Land called Howertons Range & for entailing other Lands in lieu thereof.

Whereas Mareen Duvall Late of Ann arundell County by his Last Will and Testament in writing duly Executed, proved and Recorded.  Bearing the thirteenth day of August Anno Dom. Sixteen hundred and ninety four, gave to his son Benjamin Duvall a parcell of Land therein mentioned in these words following viz. I give and bequeath unto my Son Benjamin Duvall Two hundred Acres of Land it being a Moiety or one half part of four hundred Acres of Land called and known by the name of Howertons Range, Lieing scituate & being in the County of Calvert aforesd & that part or Moiety that lieth on the South side of the said four hundred Acres, it being Equally divided, To have & to hold the same unto him my said Son Benjamin & to the heires of his Body Lawfully begotten for ever and in Default of such Issue then my Will is that the same Moiety or part, shall fall or goe, to the next heir or heiress, of or from me legally descended, And forasmuch as the said Land is not only almost worn out, but Cut down & the Timber destroyed, but involved in troublesome Disputes, and for that the said Benjamin has made a very Advantageous Exchange wth one Robert Tyler of Prince Georges County, of one hundred and fifty Acres of much Valuable fresh and well timbred Land, being that part of a tract of Land that Lies in the North West Corner of a tract Called Darnalls Grove Lieing in Prince Georges County upon wch the said (p.480) Benja Duvall is now making a Settlement in lieu of the aforesaid two hundred Acres of Land, he has prayed that notwithstanding the Severall Limitations of the Estate in and to the said Five hundred Acres of Land in the aforementioned Will he may be enabled by an Act of Assembly to make over a Good Estate in fee Simple of the said Land unto the said Robert Tyler and his heires forever, the said Robert Tyler Conveying by a Good Sufficient Deed, of Sale wth general Warranty unto the said Benja Duvall the aforesd one hundred and fifty Acres of Land, under the same Limitations of the Estate therein, that the said Two hundred Acres of Land was by the aforsd Will Subjected to, To that end hath prayed, that it may be Enacted, And Be it Enacted by the Rt Honble the Lord Proprietary by and wth the Advice and Consent of his Lordps Governeur & the upper & Lower houses of Assembly and the Authority of the same, that the aforesaid Benjamin Duvall be and is hereby Empowered to sell Assign Convey transferr & make over by deed of sale unto the aforesaid Robt Tyler his heirs & Assignes forever a Good & Sufficient Estate in fee Simple of and to the above mentioned two hundred acres of Land being part of a tract of Land called Howertons Range in as full and ample manner to all intents and purposes as if the same by the aforementioned will had been given to him the said Benjamin & his heires forever without any Limitation in the said Will, anything in the said Will to the Contrary notwithstanding. Provided allways that at the same time that the aforesd Robert Tyler his heires shall and do make over and Convey by a Good & Sufficient Conveyance with a Generall Warranty the aforementioned one hundred and fifty Acres of Land part of a tract of Land called Darnell's Grove in Exchange of the aforesaid two hundred Acres of Land unto the said Benjamin Duvall under the same Limitations & Restrictions, as the said two hundred Acres by the aforementioned Will and Subjected to.  And Be it further Enacted that the said Benja Duvall and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten forever, and in default of such Issue the next heir or heiress from the said Marreen Duvall, the Testator legally Descended henceforth shall be & they are hereby Vested with the same Estate of in and unto the aforesaid one hundred and fifty Acres of Land part of Darnells Grove being already laid out & in the possession of the said Benjamin at the North west Corner of the said Land called Darnalls Grove, when so made over and Conveyed as aforesd as was given and intended to be given in the aforesd two hundred Acres of Land in the same manner as if the said one hundred & fifty Acres of Land had been given to the said Benjamin Duvall & the heires of his Body lawfully begotten for ever, and indefault of such Issue then that the same Land shall fall or go to the next heir or heiress, from the said Marreen Duvall Legally descended by the will of the aforesaid Marreen Duvall Saving to the said Proprietarie his heirs Successors and all bodies Politick & Corporate & all others not menconed in this Act their Severall and Respective Rights.


Here's a link to the Marietta House Museum which was built by Judge Gabriel Duvall on part of Darnell's Grove property.





The next section here will be devoted to some definitions and an attempt to put some geographical boundaries around Darnell's Grove and Bachelor's Delight.


*The term "Planter" was used to designate one who had "Indenture's".  Planters had certain responsibilities with respect to the indentures.


Collington Branch is a component of the Patuxent River.  The Patuxent River was first named ("Pawtuxunt") on the detailed map resulting from the 1608 voyage upriver by Jamestown, Virginia settler John Smith.  Captain Smith got as far as the rough vicinity of the present-day Lyons Creek area, 40 miles from the Chesapeake on what is now the Anne Arundel - Calvert - Prince George's County tripoint.



On this map you will see Bowie, Maryland and Western Branch.  The 3,800 acre Darnall's Grove tract and within it, the 206-1/4 acre tract called Batchelor's Delight that was purchased by Richard Butt in 1700 are very near Bowie and the North end of Western Branch.


There was a Gabriel Duvall, b. 12/6/1752 in Prince George's County, Maryland, d. 3/6/1844 also in Prince George's County, who served as a Supreme Court Justice from 1811 - 1835.  This can be found at the Supreme Court Historical Society web site.  The address is at the end of this document.


Here's part of an endnote from that site.


Duvall was born at "Darnell's Grove," his father's property in central Maryland.  By purchase and land trades, Gabriel Duvall established his large "farm," which he named "Marietta," in Prince George's County.  After Duvall's death, his two grandsons divided the property.  "Marietta"; the family graveyard was included in the other parcel, known as "The Wigwam."  The main house is still standing and is located about 2_ miles west of Bowie, Maryland on Bell Station Road, 0.3 miles north of State Highway #450. The Duvall family graveyard is 0.6 miles further north on Bell Station Road, then 0.3 miles east on an unmarked dirt road.


Here's a map of Collington Branch, Bowie, Maryland, the Northern part of the Western Branch and Marietta.  Below is a map showing Collington Branch, the Southern end of the Western Branch, St. Barnabus Episcopal Church and the town of Leeland, Maryland where Samuel Butt, the Planter, husband of Elizabeth Swearingen was born.  These two maps include all of Collington Branch and all of the Western Branch.  I have merged these two maps and included the merged map below.PGCF12.GIF


PGCF12.GIF (1173307 bytes)



Below is a map, which locates Collington Branch and Darnall's Grove.  In the center there is a "+" sign just to the right of Upper Marlboro.  Note Andrews Air Force Base to the left of Collington Branch and Upper Marlboro.  Darnall's Grove is the red square at the top, just below the Goddard Space Flight Center and just to the left of Bowie.

Collington brach - Andrews - Darnalls Grove.jpg (289569 bytes)  

Here are some documents acquired from the Maryland State Archives.  The first is the cover letter.


Letter from Maryland State Archives re; Darnalls Grove and Batchelors Delight.jpg (136970 bytes)


These two pages - 8 and 9 - are from the "Land Office" Patent Record dated 1683 - 1684.



Land Office Patent Record.  1683 - 1684

Maryland Land Office Darnalls Grove page 8.jpg (444330 bytes)

Maryland Land Office Darnalls Grove page 9.jpg (538967 bytes)


This is a partial transcription from Howard Butts of Martinsburg of the above two pages.


Maryland Land Office Darnalls Grove page 8&9-HowardButts sm.jpg (567356 bytes)





This is four pages from the Prince George's County Court Land Records dated 1696 - 1702.


Prince George's County Court Land Records

Prince Georges County Court Land Records 1696-1702 pages 349 - 352.  Page 349.JPG (425546 bytes)

Prince Georges County Court Land Records 1696-1702 pages 349 - 352.  Page 350.JPG (463705 bytes)

Prince Georges County Court Land Records 1696-1702 pages 349 - 352.  Page 351.JPG (437624 bytes)

Prince Georges County Court Land Records 1696-1702 pages 349 - 352.  Page 352.JPG (373420 bytes)



These were received on March 19, 2008.  Here are partial transcriptions of the above along with some other corresponding information from Howard Butts of Martinsburg.


Land Record - Prince George's Co MD-Howard Butts sm.jpg (364796 bytes)

Theory1.jpg (136763 bytes)

wpe9.jpg (171351 bytes)

Theory3.jpg (147303 bytes)

Theory4.jpg (31569 bytes)



Below is a much larger map showing Collington Branch, Western Branch, St. Barnabus Episcopal Church and the town of Leeland, Maryland where Samuel Butt, the Planter, husband of Elizabeth Swearingen was born.  This part of Collington Branch is South of the area shown above in the map that includes Bowie, Maryland, and Marietta, home of the Supreme Court Justice, Gabriel Duvall.  As mentioned above, this map along with the one above showing the location of Bowie, and the home of Justice Duvall together include all of Collington Branch.  I've not been able to define the boundaries of Darnell's Grove, or Bachelor's Delight but they had to be somewhere in these two maps.  Collington Hundred is also on these two maps somewhere.  PGCG12.GIF



PGCG12.GIF (870517 bytes)


Here are some notes from the Net about Darnell's Grove, Collington, Maryland, the Hundreds, and other information that helps determine where Bachelor's Delight might have been.



Walter Bowie (October 15, 1748November 9, 1810) was an American politician.

Born in Mattaponi, near Nottingham, Prince Georges County. Maryland, Bowie attended Reverend John Eversfield's School near Nottingham, the common schools in Annapolis, and Craddock’s School near Baltimore.  His father bought him a large farm near Collington, Maryland, known originally as "Darnell's Grove" and later as "Locust Grove" and "Willow Grove". (See photo's below.)  He served as one of four members of the Maryland constitutional convention from Prince George's County in November 1776.

Collington, Maryland is a now defunct settlement in Prince Georges County, Maryland dating from colonial times.  Collington has been subsumed by the city of Bowie, Maryland.

Originally referred to as "Collington Hundreds", the settlement was more recently known as "Collington". As the city of Bowie has expanded, the term has fallen into largely cultural usage, used in street names such as Collington Road, shopping centers and housing developments.

(The term "hundred" originated in England as an area which could produce 100 fighting men in time of war.)

One of the earliest references to Collington, is in the proceedings of the Council of Maryland from 1696:

"An Accot of the Hundreds in the Severall Counties of the Province Vizt ...
Prince Georges County is divided into Six Hundreds Vizt

1 Hundreds.

Mount Calvert
New Scotland

The Patuxent, an Algonuquian people indigenous to what is now the Mid-Atlantic, United States.
The Patuxent River in Maryland, named for the people


Here are photo's of the Bowie house along with an except from an e-mail I received from Susan G. Pearl, Historian for the Prince George's County Historical Society, in response to my request for information.


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, December 15, 2007 1:25 PM
Subject: Re: My 7th great grandfather was this Richard Butt.
Dear Mr. Butt,

Yes, in the 18th/19th century, there was a plantation known as Willow Grove (and sometimes Locust Grove) of the family of Walter Bowie in the northcentral part of the Darnall's Grove tract.  The beautiful house burned to the ground in 1974, taking with it many records of the Bowie family.  But the larger D.G. tract of course included several other plantations and farms in addition to Willow/Locust Grove.

                       Susan G. Pearl, Historian
                       Prince George's County Historical Society


View from Northwest. View from North west.jpg (294181 bytes)
View from NW front. Veiw from NW Front.jpg (229524 bytes)
Mantel detail, West room, West wall. MANTEL, West Room, West wall.jpg (164335 bytes)


This is from the following posting on the web..

From: JBLomax@aol.com
Subject: [MDCHARLE-L] Re: MD maps
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 19:47:52 EST


Robert Bowie of Prince George's County Maryland has the distinction of having been the first Democratic Governor of the State.  His brother Walter, also a Revolutionary War patriot, owned the farm Collington, then known as Darnell's Grove, later as Locust Grove and still later as Willow Grove.

Early Maryland had two geographic subdivisions within its counties; the "hundreds" were designed to make political administration within the counties more efficient and were laid out by the counties. The "parishes", on the other hand, were laid out by the Province and were self-governing units for the supervision of the churches. The hundreds and parishes were completely independent of each other. Origin of the use of hundreds goes back to Anglo-Saxon times and for many years the constable was the only officer and was responsible for keeping of the peace. If a person was appointed Constable and refused to serve, he was subject to a fine of five hundred pounds of tobacco or two months imprisonment. As new settlers came and the population grew, new counties, hundreds and parishes were created and boundaries changed.  The system of hundreds lasted in Prince George County up to 1848 when it gave way to the use of election districts.

William HARBIN was in attendance at Prince George Parish when they met on September 18, 1719 to decide where to locate a new chappel (sic).  Their decision was apparently based on the fact that Piscataway and New Scotland hundreds had 791 taxables with an expected yield of 31,640 pounds of tobacco per annum so that area became St. John's Parish.  Meanwhile the Eastern Branch, Rock Creek and Potomack (sic) hundreds had 545 taxables with an expected yield of 21,800 pounds of tobacco and would become a new parish described as running "from the mouth of the Eastern Branch to the fork thereof and so up with the NE branch that makes the said fork unto the head thereof, thence continuing the course of the said branch by a straight line til it strike Patuxent". The vestry house was to be 16' long and 12' wide, "overjetted", with an inside chimney, 8' pitched roof, and iron hinges. The cost was 2,500# tobacco - if not done on time, there was a forfeit of 5,000# tobacco.  There were to be 14 pews. All payments were to be made in tobacco. The land was part of a tract called Generosity on the Piney Branch of Rock Creek. William continued to be mentioned as a member of this parish through 1731. In December 1726 he was chosen church warden, and in April 1727 he was chosen vestryman and replaced as warden. He was voted out though in April 1728. In April 1731 he was paid 120# tobacco "for wine for the sacrament and mending the lock & key for the church door".

(All of the above information came from reading the Vestry Proceedings on a microfilm from the LDS Library.)

In Prince George County the hundreds were as follows:

1695 P.G. County established & divided into 19 hundreds: Prince Frederick, Washington, Mattawoman, Mt. Calvert, Patuxent, Upper Marlborough, Charlotte, Horsepan, King George, Piscataway, Hanson, Oxen, Bladens, East Branch, Rock Creek, West Branch, Collington, Grubb & New Scotland (from "The Hundreds of P.G. County" by Hienton, MD Historical Society, 1970, Vol 65, p55).

1696 Mattapany Hundred (from Swanson's Creek to Mattapany Branch) which split to Prince Frederick in 1741. Formerly in Calvert County.  Mount Calvert Hundred (from Mattapany Branch to the western branch of Patuxent). Split again in 1707 & included Western Branch Hundred.  Formerly in Calvert County.  Collington Hundred (from Western Branch to Collington Branch) Chapel of St. Paul's Parish on Collington Hundred became St. Barnabas, built on tract called 'Something' (known as "brick church").  [At the very bottom of the map that shows the location of Darnell's/Darnall's Grove you will find the tract called "Something".  I have outlined it in red.  Also see map below of Collington Branch and Western Branch]  Patuxent Hundred (from Collington to Patuxent) Piscataway Hundred (from Mattawoman to Oxon Run) which split to King George's in 1741. Formerly in Charles County.  New Scotland (from Oxon Run to the falls of the Potomac) which split in 1715 at Eastern Branch of Potomac & north side was called Rock Creek Hundred - which split in 1722 into 3 parts: Potomac Hundred (land beyond Rock Creek); Eastern Branch Hundred (land between NE & NW branches of Eastern Branch); and Rock Creek Hundred (land between NW branch & Rock Creek). Split again in 1745 into Midle Hundred; again in 1795 Rock Creek became 13th District.
1728 Monocacy Hundred established (land beyond Seneca Creek) & split into Lingamore & Seneca in 1741
1739 Antietam & Concocheaque established from land beyond Shenandoah Mtns
1744 Newfoundland Hundred established & Marlborough Hundred & Pipe Creek Hundred.


This is the map I made by merging the two maps included above into one.  It is 3/4 the size of the above maps so some detail is lost.  But one can still get a very good bearing on this location from this map.  It shows the entirety of the Collington Branch, the confluence of it and the Western Branch, the entirety of the Western Branch, Bowie, Maryland, Leeland, Maryland, St. Barnabas Church and Marietta.  The red line is the county line between Prince Georges and Anne Arundel.  Somewhere on this map is where Darnell's Grove and Bachelor's Delight must have been.  I've added to this map on the left side, a mileage ledged and another from St. Barnabas Church to Leeland.  The approximate length of Collington Branch from it's origin at the Western Branch to it's end near Marietta is 10 miles.  It's about 3/4 of a mile from the St. Barnabas Church to Leeland.

From the information above about the boundaries of the Hundreds (Collington Hundred (from Western Branch to Collington Branch) Chapel of St. Paul's Parish on Collington Hundred became St. Barnabas, built on tract called 'Something' (known as "brick church"), one can be certain that the Collington Hundred was between the Western Branch and Collington Branch and that it stretched at least as far North as the St. Barnabas Church.  It's almost as certain, that it stretched North to the ends of the Western and Collington Branches.

PGCF12 and PGCG12 with Darnall's Grove.GIF (1474978 bytes)

This is from "Historical Information, Founding of the Society" of the Duvall Society web page.  "St. Barnabas Church was built on land given by John and Elizabeth Duvall in 1708.  Here's another copy of the above relationship chart.  Note, as with the above chart, it includes this John and Elizabeth Duvall.



Richard Butt acquired the 200+ acre Bachelor's Delight in 1700.  His son Samuel Butt the Planter was born in Leeland, Maryland in 1712.    

Darnell's/Darnall's Grove was surveyed in 1683.  It amounted to 3,800 acres.  This is from "Prince George's County Circuit Court Land Survey, Subdivision, and Condominium Plats MSA S1596: (Patents, PG, Tract Index).  From their site it appears that this survey is downloadable.  A user name and password is required, which I have requested.  I'm hoping I've struck paydirt here.  I'll just have to wait to see what happens.  In any event, this survey exists.  It's a matter of figuring out how to get my hands on it.


One square mile is 640 acres.  3,800 acres would amount to almost 6 square miles.  This is a square that is 2.44 mile by 2.44 miles.


Here's a map I received from the above mentioned  Susan G. Pearl, Prince George's County Historical Society Historian.  It shows the exact 3,800 acre Darnell's/Darnall's Grove tract.  I have outlined in red, the tract called "Something" where the St. Barnabas church was built.  I've also underlined some other notable locations.  This can be compared to the next map which shows all the same notable locations only from a different view.


DarnallsGrove5.JPG (1382443 bytes)

This map shows the location of Darnall's Grove with respect to all the other places mention to this point.  I have included in the Darnall's Grove area on this map, approximations of the relative size of the 206-1/4 acre Bachelor's Delight, both in a square and rectangle area.  This gives us another idea about the area Bachelor's Delight might have covered.  We know for the information from the Maryland Archives that Batchelors Delight was on the West side of Collington Branch.  You will note from this map that we now know the approximate location of Batchelors Delight but that the exact location is very hard to discern.  PGCF12 and PGCG12 with Darnall's Grove.GIF

PGCF12 and PGCG12 with Darnall's Grove.GIF (1474978 bytes)

This is all I have at the moment on the exact location of Bachelor's Delight.  


Here are some survey's from the early- to mid-1700's that are interesting.


This one is for Richard Marsham on November 26, 1731.  It is not very helpful in determining the exact location of the 206-1/4 acre Batchelors Delight of Richard Butt, b. 1670.  It reads in part; "Beginning at the Northernmost corner of the _ Warring land called Mount Pleasant and running thence East three hundred & Eighty Seven...".  The only place I can find a Mount Pleasant, near Darnalls Grove is in the far right map from the National Park Service, U S Department of Interior. They refer to it elsewhere as "Mount Pleasant Landing". It doesn't help locate Batchelors Delight but it does help to verify the location of Darnalls Grove.



Batchelor's Delight-43-1.jpg (49054 bytes)

Batchelor's Delight-43-4.jpg (137198 bytes)

Batchelor's Delight-43-2.jpg (173242 bytes)

Batchelor's Delight-43-3.jpg (219788 bytes)




This is a 1745, Prince George's County survey for a 100 acre tract called Batchelors Delight  It was executed on November 1 for Joseph Chaplin.  It's not much help in determining where Batchelors Delight was located as it started with " the beginning from a bounded White Oak tree standing by the side of Fe_ _y _roves (illegible) Spring Run."  I have not been able to determine what these words are, nor have I been able to find any location on any map that might be this "Fe_ _y _roves Spring Run".  Any help determining what these words are will be much appreciated.


dsl00285-1.jpg (995988 bytes)

dsl00285-2.jpg (1338030 bytes)

dsl00285-3.jpg (1502178 bytes)


This one was done June 23, 1713 for William Ray, ETAL., for 413 Acres called Bealls Hunting Quarter. Bealls Hunting Quarters can be seen on the above map that outlines the 3,800 acres of Darnalls Grove within which was the 206-1/4 acre Batchelors Delight of Richard Butt.  It adjoined the land called "Something", upon which St. Barnabas Church was built.  Further, one would have to think that William Ray was somehow related to Mary Ray, the mother of Elizabeth Swearingen the wife of Samuel Butt, b. October. 10, 1712. 

Beall's Hunting Quarter-WIlliam Ray-1.jpg (51202 bytes)

Beall's Hunting Quarter-WIlliam Ray-2.jpg (166803 bytes)

Beall's Hunting Quarter-WIlliam Ray-3.jpg (465536 bytes)





July 19, 1708,  Richard Butt witnessed the will of Thomas Swearingen of Prince George's County, Maryland.


St. Barnabus Episcopal Church, Queen Anne's Parish, Prince George's County, Maryland Church and Land

Records:  Richard and Mary Butt had the following children:


Richard b. 11-11-1703 - in Queen Anne's Parish, Prince George County, Maryland, and died Before November 28, 1744 in Prince George's County, Maryland.  He married RACHEL DUVALL About 1740.


Thomas b. 12-29-1705 - in Queen Anne's Parish, Prince George County, Maryland, and died before May 20, 1757.  He married SOPHIA DUVALL before 1732.  She was born about 1710. 


Rachel and Sophia Duvall were 1st cousins.


Dinah b. 2-5-1707/8 - (Bill Richardson had 1707.) in Queen Anne's Parish, Prince Georges County, Maryland, and died about 1802 in Berkeley County, Virginia. She married WILLIAM GREEN (“Old” William) about 1723 in probably Prince Georges County, Maryland.  He was born about 1695 probably in Maryland, and died about 1779 in Berkeley County, Virginia.


“Old” William Green and wife Dinah Butt had a daughter named Sarah Green, b. 1730 who married Richard Butt, b. 11/21/1747, who was the son of the above mentioned Richard Butt and wife Rachel Duvall making Richard and Sarah 1st cousins, their common ancestors being Richard Butt, b. about 1670, and wife Mary.  This Richard and Sarah Butt would go on to found Buttstown, Virginia.


Mary b. 3-2-1709


Samuel b. 10-10-1712 - in Queen Anne's Parish, Prince George County, Maryland, and died before September 6, 1786 in Montgomery County, Maryland.  He married ELIZABETH SWEARINGEN August 1, 1734 in Queen Anne's Parish, Prince George's County, Maryland, daughter of VAN SWEARINGEN and ELIZABETH WALKER.  She was born July 4, 1715, and died 12 May 1796 in Montgomery County, Maryland.


Samuel and Elizabeth had at least 14 children, four of whom were:  John, Richard, Rignal and Bazil.

A study of this family by Polly Horn follows. 


Nicholas b. 10-20-1714 - in Queen Anne's Parish, Prince George County, Maryland; m. ? METCALFE, about 1741.



1733 taxed in Collington Hundred, Maryland along with brothers Richard and Samuel.

1741 married ---- Metcalfe, daughter of Mary Metcalfe in Prince George's County, Maryland.

Will of Richard Butt of Prince Georges Co., MD: Pages 79-80; Date 9 Jan 1714/5:

This is the entry from MANUEL's Marriage Licenses of Montg. Co., MD, 1798 - 1898, BUTT: Nicholas, 9 Jan. 1840, Lucretia BURRISS


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Marriages and Births – Queen Anne’s Parish (1700s), Prince George’s County, Maryland Salt Lake FHC Film No. 0014304, Item 3


Richard Butt wife Mary ??

    Richard Butt Born November 11, 1703

    Thomas Butt Born December 29, 1705

    Diana Butt Born February 05, 1707/08

    Mary Butt Born March 02, 1709/10

    Samuel Butt Born October 10, 1712

    Nicholas Butt Born October 20, 1715?


Richard Butt wife Rachel?? Rachel Butt Born July 28, 1741


Samuel Butt wife Elizabeth Swearingen August 1, 1734 Jacob Henderson




Here's some further information and references from the Maryland State Archives.




Prince George 's County Circuit Court ; Land Survey, Subdivision, and Condominium Plats; MSA S1596: (Patents, PG, Tract Index) Index by Reference

“Patent Record BC and GS 21, p. 429  1763  Enlargement Of Tylers Discovery ( The ), 184 1/2 Acres; Certificate  0  0  MSA S 1596-1530





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No. 2 (17251), Deed, p. 997.


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Lib. N.N. (17249), Jdgmt., p. 253. Suit, pp. 71, 96.



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Here's Polly Horn's study of Samuel Butt The Planter and wife Elizabeth Swearingen.  You will note that it's revision #12!!!!  Lotsa work in this thing.  THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH POLLY!!!!!!!!!!!


On page 9 here you will find "Rolla Green who married Isabella Huston".  They were my gr gr grand parents.  You can check them out in the "All About my Great Grandmother Catherine Clarissa 'Katy' (Green) (Gould) Butt" section of this site.


On page 2 here you will find John Luther Butt, son of Basil and Mary (Burress) Butt.  On page 7 here you will find Clarence Julian Butt Sr. and Clarence Julian Butt Jr., the DNA test of the latter of whom matches 8 others including me.  I am being cautious, but it appears as though my gr gr grandfather Bazil Butt, b. 3/13/1797 descends in some way which is yet to be determine, from Richard Butt of Batchelors Delight.  At least now I am practically certain we are searching in the correct place.    


Samuel Butt the Planter-Version12.pdf

Comments on this work by Polly are invited.

Here are some documents from the Montgomery County, Maryland Historical Society in Rockville, Maryland that support Polly's study.

John Luther Butt family.pdf

Will and Estate sale of Rignal Butt, b. 1739, d. Feb, 1822, son of Samuel The Planter, father of Basil, gr father of John Luther Butt.pdf

Genealogical Abstracts, Montgomery County, MD Sentinel 1900-1934.pdf

Genealogical Abstract, Montgomery County, MD Sentinel 1855-1899.pdf

Montgomery County, MD, District 4 tax assessment. 1783-1834.pdf

BUTT Sunday School teachers bible.pdf

OFFUTT Family, John L Butt page 3. See note page 4.pdf


Here are the Monocacy and Little Monocacy Rivers.  There are various spellings of this name.

Theory1.GIF (821131 bytes)

Here's a map of where I estimate Luke Ray's place called "Ray's Venture", was located.  Note, it's just below the Frederick/Montgomery County line.

Rays Venture near the mouth of Monocracy, on south side of Little Monocasy, for.GIF (627619 bytes)


Here are some interesting downloads from the web.


These are from the Maryland State Archives.




Abstracts of Wills
by Carson Gibb

abstracted from
MSA S538
Liber 31

I have underlined and changed the font color to red for the most interesting names and places. 


Liber 31, folio 125
22 Nov. 1759
FRIEND, GABRIEL, Frederick Co., gunsmith.
    To my bro. Jacob Friend all my lands & wearing appl.
    To my bro. Charles Friend, all my p. e., & until he is of age of maturity, my cash & smiths tools to my bro. Jacob.
    Extrs: Col. Thomas Prather & Mr. Van Swearingen, Jr.
    Witn: Edm. Moran, Chas. Prather, Thos. Hogg.
    14 May 1760, sworn to by Prather & Hogg, & the extrs. refused to act.

Liber 31, folio 127
19 April 1760



Liber 31, folio 125
22 Nov. 1759
RAY, WILLIAM, Sr., Frederick Co.
    One sh. sterl. apiece to my sons Wm. & John Ray, my daus. Margret Pritchet, Elizabeth Pritchet, Elenor Bussey, & Rebecca & Ruth Ray, & son

    Thos. Ray
    To my dau. & extr., Marey Ray, the rest of my e. r. & p., incl. 70a of Charles & Thomas, where I & my son Wm. Ray live.
    Witn: Thomas Grieves, Josiah Jones, James White, Jr.
    15 May [1790], sworn to by all 3 witn.

From the above information about William Ray Sr., I've made the following relationship chart.




The above 413 Acre survey of Bealls Hunting Quarters was done for William Ray, ETAL. on June 23, 1713.  The William Ray Sr. in the above relationship chart seems to be too young to have been the one who requested the Bealls Hunting Quarters survey.  He was also from Fredrick County.  This Marey Ray would also be too young to have been the wife of John Swearingen and the mother of Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Butt.  I include this here because it's hard for me to believe there was no relationship between the Ray's in this part of Maryland at this time.  Perhaps someone can add something to this chart that will resolve this question.


Here's a posting by Patrick T. Dolan that proved us with the ancestors of Elizabeth (Ray) Swearingen, but not Luke, the husband of her daughter Elizabeth Butt.




Family Group Sheet by Patrick T. Dolan   May 8, 1999

Husband: William RAY

Married: abt 1676 [1] ENG [1]

Died: w pr 12 Jan 1737-8 [1] Prince George’s Co MD [1]

Parents: John Ray Jr. [1] or William Ray Sr. [2]


Other information: Settled in Pr George’s Co MD; in 1698 Ninian and Ruth Beall deeded to William and his wife Anne a land lot known as “Bred and Cheese” in Queen Ann’s Parish. William Ray was a vestryman of St. Barnabas Church [1].

Wife: Ann-- [1]


George Norbury MacKenzie, Colonial Families of the United States of America, pp. 73-74 (Beall News, II:34 (Sept 1992), p. 53) has the following list of children for Ninian BEALL, Sr:

1. Catherine (+B-SR-1c/1746)
2. Elinor (+B-SR-17/1738)
3. daughter [=Marsham, B-SR-19/1741, died young]
4. Mary (+B-SR-1a/1741)
5. Richard (+B-SR-16/1735
6. Elizabeth m. Mr. BARRETT; children Elizabeth and John BEALL (+B-SR-12/1724)
7. James (+B-SR-13/G1727)
8. Ninian Jr, b. 1733, d. 1781 (+ B-SR-11/1723)
9. Benjamin (+B-SR-14/1729)
a. Ann (+B-SR-18/1740)
b. Martha (+B-SR-1b/1745)
c. Margery (+B-SR-1d/1746)
d. Thomas (+B-SR-1g/1749)




1. William II: b 22 Jun 1678 Co Lancashire ENG [1]; m Elizabeth-- Pr George’s Co MD abt 1703 [1]; d 19 Apr 1761 Frederick Co MD [1].

2. John: b abt 1680 Co Lancashire ENG [1]; never m [1]; d 12 Apr 1718 [1].

3. Anne: b abt 1682 Co Lancashire ENG [1]; m James Morris abt 1705 Prince George’s Co MD [1]; d bef 1728 [1].

4. Joseph: b abt 1684 Co Lancashire ENG [1]; m 1st Alice Cranby abt 1705 m 2nd Hannah-- abt 1758 Prince George’s Co MD [1].

5. Elizabeth: b abt 1686 Co Lancashire ENG [1]; m Charles Boyd abt 1707 Pr George’s Co MD [1].

6. Luke: b abt 1688 Co Lancashire ENG [1] m Susannah-- abt 1713 Pr George’s Co MD [1]; d abt 1719 Pr George’s Co MD [1].

7. Frances: b abt 1690 Lancashire ENG [1]; m Mr Whittner abt 1717 Pr George’s Co MD [1].

8. Magdalene: b abt 1692 Co Lancashire ENG [1]; m John Locker 31 Aug 1713 Pr George Co MD [1].

9. Mary: b abt 1694 Pr George’s Co MD [1]; m John Swearingen 9 Feb 1715 Pr George’s Co MD [1].

10. Jane: b abt 1696 [1]; m William Ward abt 1719 Pr George’s Co MD [1]; d bef 1734 Pr George’s Co MD [1].



[1] Wach, Nancy J. My Brother, My Son, 1991.
[2] Sipes, Ann Tyson. The Ray Book: A Family of Central Kentucky, 1993.





Grandfathers Family

Grandmothers Family





Family Group Sheet by Patrick T. Dolan May 8, 1999

Husband: John SWEARINGEN

Born: abt 1696 [1] Prince George’s Co MD [1]

Married: 9 Feb 1715 [1] St Barnabas Ch, Prince George’s Co MD [1]

Died: 1767 [5] Rockville, Montgomery Co MD [5]

Parents: Thomas Swearingen (I) and Jane-- [1]


Other information: John and Mary Ray lived near the present Rock Creek Park. He deeded land to his children while alive, and apparently left no will [1].

Wife: Mary RAY [1]

Born: abt 1694 [6] Prince George’s Co MD [6]

Parents: William Ray and Anne [2]



1. Elizabeth: b abt 1718 [7]; m 1 Aug 1734 Queene Anne Par Samuel Butt [7]; bur 12 May 1796 [7].

2. Mary: b 29 Oct 1720 Montgomery Co MD [5].

3. William: b abt 1723 Prince George’s Co MD [6]; m Sarah abt 1748 Prince George’s Co MD [6]; descendants in KY and Cole Co MO [6].

4. Lydia: b 7 Sep 1726 [1]; m Charles Davis [1]; lvd Fauquier Co VA [1].

5. Thomas: b 23 Nov 1728 [3] Queen Anne Par, Prince George’s Co MD [3]; m Ruth Beall abt 1750 [1]; d wp 15 Oct 1793 Montgomery Co MD [4].

6. Ann Nancy Van: b 1731 [5]; m Elisha Williams 1757 Montgomery Co MD [5]; d 1813 Bath Co VA [5].

7. Samuel: b 1732 [1] Montgomery Co MD [5]; m 1st Mary 2nd Catherine Condell [7]; d 1824 Beaver Co PA [5].

8. Katherine: b 1734 [1] Montgomery Co MD [5].

9. John: b 6 Aug 1735 Montgomery Co MD [1] app on muster roll of MD Capt Moses Chapline for Jul 1757 in French & Indian War [1]; d 7 Oct 1807 Stanley Co NC [5].

10. Martha? [1]

11. Kezia: b bef 1738; m Charles Beckwith [1]; d aft 1788 Montgomery Co MD [7].

12. Van: b 1 Oct 1746 Montgomery Co MD; d 14 Oct 1829 Bath Co MD [5]



[1] Notes by Karel Whyte <klybnk@aol.com>.
[2] Will of William Ray, Prince George’s Co MD, made 25 July 1732, pr 12 Jan 1737-8, names Mary Swearingen as a daughter.
[3] Group sheet by Barbara Brown of Overland Park, KS.
[4] Thomas Swearingen will Montgomery Co MD.
[5] Notes by Jean Marshalek <jean3024@white-marsh.aim-smart.com>.
[6] Wach, Nancy J. My Brother, My Son, 1991. W. P. Gilbert is qtd in [5] as saying that Mary Ray was b 1694 Lancashire ENG.
[7] Jourdan, Ellis Greenup. Early Families of Southern Maryland. Vol. 4.




Liber 31, folio 512
2 Oct 1761
HENDERSON, MARY, widow of The Reverend Mr. Jacob Henderson, late of Prince George's Co. decd.
    To my daus.-in-law Mary Whitehead & Pricilla Wickham, each L 25 sterl.
    To my dau.-in-law Susannah Lamar, L 25 & my clothes, which clothes she is to dispose of among her daughter.
    To Mary Magruder, wife of Jeremiah Magruder, L 35 sterl. & 1 suit of my clothes.
    To Ruth Hall, wife of Isaac Hall, 1 suit of my clothes.
    To susannah Gray, wife of John Gray, L 5 sterl.
    To John Duvall & Jeremiah Magruder, each L 10 sterl.
    To Margarett Hutton, wife of Richard Hutton, L 5.
    To Robert Tyler, s. o. my son-in-law Robert Tyler decd., John Pi[n]dle s. o. Philip Pi[n]dle, & Elizabeth Pi[n]dle, d. o. Philip Pi[n]dle, 1 sh. sterl. apiece.
    To repairing the vault at the chapel, I leave L 20 sterl.
    To Daniel Stanton, s. o. my bro. Daniel Stanton (my sd. nephew lately living in Philadelphia), the residue of my e. Extr: John Duvall. Witn: James Beck, Marsh Mareen Duval, Ann  

    17 Feb. 1762, sworn to by Beck & Duval


Jacob Henderson presided over the August 1, 1734 marriage of Samuel Butt wife Elizabeth Swearingen.

This Mary (aka Marie) Henderson was previously married to the above Mars Duvall, b.1625.  The John Duvall who was the Executor of  this will was the one who gave the land called "Something" upon which St. Barnabas Church was built.


Here are some notes about John Swearingen and wife Mary Ray taken from "Public Members Stories" on Ancestry.com.  This couple was the parents of Elizabeth Swearingen who as best I can determine was my 5th great grandmother, which would make this couple my 6th great grand parents.





Here's a relationship chart that includes most of all the above along with other significant relationships on down to me, Dennis W. Butt.





Here are some notes about Ambrose Cook Hawker and wife Lydia Butt taken from "Public Members Stories" on Ancestry.com.




Here are a couple more downloads that include names/places of significance.



Liber 31, folio 709
3 March 1762
GOE, WILLIAM, Prince George's Co., [planter].
    To my son William Goe, the 200a where he is seated & negro woman Jeane.
    To my dau. Margaret Hutton, the SW 100a of the land where sd. William lives & negro John.
    To my grddau. Elizabeth Goe, negro girl Lucy, a bed, & a cow & calf.
    To my grddau. Mary Hutton, negro boy Tobias, a bed,  a cow & calf.
    To my grddau. Mary Goe, negro boy Nacy.
    To my grddau. Margaret Goe, negro girl Rachel.
    To mygrdson John Goe, negro girl Jean.
    The residue is to be equ. div. betw. my son William Goe & my dau. Margaret Hutton, my extrs..
    Witn: John Duckett, Jr., Jeremiah Crabb, John Duvall.
    25 Aug. 1762, sworn to by all 3 witn.



Liber 31, folio 955
30 Aug. 1762
CHAPLINE, MOSES, Frederick Co.
    To my wife, Jennett, for widhood, the plntn. where I live & my 3 negroes, Tobie, Ross, & Judia, besides what rhe law allows.
    To my son Josiah Chapline, the part of the Resurv. on Mount Pleasant S of the road from Swearingens Ferry to Frederick Town & Josiah Bitt.
    To my son Moses Chapline, the rest of the sd. Resurv. with the original, on the N side sd. rd.
    To my son William Chapline, 1/2 the lands purchased in partnership with Peter Rentch on Kittortan Crk.
    To my dau. Ruth Lintey, a negro girl of age 6 yrs. or more.
    To my dau.Elizabeth Chapline, negro boy Gabriel, a horse & saddle, & a decent suit of clothes.
    I sold Part of the Resurv. on Weldone to Alexr. Grim for L 30 . . .
    The residue of my p. e. is to be equ. div. among my chldn. Josiah, Moses, Wm., Elizabeth, Mary, Agness, Ester, Lydia, & Lovica Chapline, 

    except my dau.Ruth, but if any of my chldn. d. before they come to age or mar . . .
    Extrs: my sd. wife & Joseph Chapline.
    Witn: John Perins, William Good, John Waller.
    17 Nov. 1762, sworn to by Perins & Waller in presence of Josiah Chapline, heir at law.


There was a "Mount Pleasant" mentioned in the above survey of a Batchelors Delight, requested by Richard Marsham on November 26, 1731.



This is information received recently from a person who found this site.


Maryland and Virginia Colonials  Vol. II, Prather-Prater, Page 704:


(IV.)  EDWARD PRATHER, dec'd by 1747,

Pr Geo's Co. [Bonds Box 13 , Folder 51, H. of R]; m. Ann (---).  Issue, if any, unknown.


Nov. 6 1736 John Oliver of Pr. Geo's Co. , sold to Edward Prather of same, for 3400# tob. "Ye Hope", 100 a., in Pr. Geo's Co. /s/ John Oliver.  Bridget, his wife, released her dower. [Pr. Geo's Co. Deeds, Liber T. f. 427]


Nov. 28 1737  Edward Prather of Pr. Geo's Co., sold to William Prather the third, of same, for pounds 20., "the Hope" 37a., and "the addition to the Hope", 100a /s/Edward Prather.  No dower. [Ibid., Liber B#1, f. 549]


Oct. 31 1743 Edward Prather sold to Osborn Sprigg, for pounds 60., some negroes.  /s/ Edward Prather. [Ibid., Liber BB#1, f. 43.]


1750  "Edward Prather's Heirs, pt. 'Darnall's Grove’; 100 a.; 'Add'n to Ditto' 40 a." [1750 Debt Book, Pr. Geo's Co., p. 67 Md. Hist. Soc. Lib., Baltimore.]


Mar. 5, 1750   Depositon of ELINOR LACKLAN, widow of JOHN PRATHER, JR., dec'd., "who was the Administer of Edward Prather, deceased".  A paper in this file states that Ann Prather is the widow of Edward Prather.  [Testamentary Papers, Box 51 , folder 28, H. of R.]"



This is from yet another site.


Edward      Medcalf        11        Feb        1796     Cloe         Butt
Nicholas    Beckwith      10        Aug       1799     Mary        Butt



The purpose of this endeavor is to identify the parents or father at least of Bazil Butt, b. 3/13/1797.  None of the above has shed any light whatsoever on that matter.  We will continue to pursue this quest!!!




Notes for RIGNAL BUTT:

1739 abt born in Prince George's Co, Maryland

1776 Muster rolls for the -- Militia Battalion, 5th Company, Class #5 included a Rignal Butt and a Swearingen Butt

1778 Oath of Fidelity in Montgomery County, Maryland included Rignuld Butt

1783 28 Aug named in father's will written in Montgomery Co, Maryland

1800 census living in Montgomery Co, Maryland, age given as over 45.

1810 census there is a Rignel Butt living in Botetourt County, Virginia. Could this be him? Probably not as this Regnal apparently died in abt 1811 leaving a wife and several children.

1821 7 Nov Rignal Butt wrote his will in Montgomery Co, Maryland. Named sons Aaron, Basil, and Proverb and daughters: Elizabeth, Jane, Ann Lanham, Ruth Burress and Virlinda Burress. (See notes on Nicholas above.) Elizabeth Prather, daughter of Aaron Prather got the testator's share of Aaron Prather's estate.   Son Proverb was named Executor and the witnesses were John Rabbit, Daniel Beall, Sr., and John L. Beall. (Libre N folio 116) ---- died in Montgomery Co, Maryland or could it be Prince George's County?

1822 25 Feb buried in Prince George's Parish (also known as Rock Creek). Age given as 83 and weight as 475 pounds in the National Intellegencer, an early newspaper.

1822 5 Mar will filed for probate in Montgomery Co, Maryland (Libre 3 pg 164)  



SWEARINGEN BUTT, d. Abt. 1820.


1755 abt born (purely a guess based on mother's age) 1776 Muster rolls for the -- Militia Battalion, 5th Company, 5th Class included Rignal and Swearingon Butt. This was a Montgomery County organization.

1778 Oath of Fidelity list for Prince George's Co, Maryland included Swearington Butt along with Richard, Rignuld, and Samuel.

1783 28 Aug named in father's will written in Montgomery Co, Maryland.

1787 bought 345 acres of land in on Little Rockhouse Creek in Rockingham Co, North Carolina.

1793 15 Nov bought 37 acres of land from Thomas Bernard.

1795 31 Dec posted bond for Hazel Butt's marriage in Rockingham Co, NC 1800 1810 1820 census living in Rockingham Co, North Carolina.  


1753 5 Oct William Norris Junior recorded 5 Oct 1753, made 18 Sep 1853, in the 26th year of Our Sovereign Lord George the Second ... between Luke Ray of Frederick County, planter, tract of land called "Ray's Venture" near the mouth of Monocracy, on south side of Little Monocracy, for 150 acres more or less; signed Luke Ray, before Alex. Beall, John Clagett. Elizabeth Ray, his wife, released dower right. Reciept. Alienation fine [transfer fee] payed.

1756 18 Nov her husband, Luke Ray, filed as the bondsman for her brother in a court action in Frederick County, Maryland.

1759 7 Sep daughter Elisabeth's birth recorded in Prince George's County Parish records (see Prince George's Co, MD, Indexes of Church Registers, 1979, by Helen W. Brown)

1765 9 Feb last child born that was recorded in Prince George's County Parish.  She did have at least one more child, Swearinggon, who was listed as a son of her husband in the Berkeley County Tax Records.

1783 28 Aug named in father's will as Elizabeth Ray which was written in Montgomery County, Maryland

1783 3 Nov husband, Luke Ray, and son Swearingen listed on the property tax for East of the Opequon, Berkeley Co, Virginia.

1793 22 Apr appraisal of the personal estate of Lucas Ray decd by Joseph Franceway, Richard Butt and Archibald Butt. Butts made marks.

1803 21 Feb several of her children purchased property at the estate auction of her brother Richard in Berkeley Co, Virginia.


This section (My Theory) is far from complete.  Keep checking back as work continues to fully develop this section.


De Vaughn has the ancestors and birthplace of “Old” William Green as follows:


GREENE, Thomas


ABT 1609
Kent England


St Marys Co., MD







Kent England


ABT 1651
St Marys Co., MD


GREENE, Thomas




GREENE, Robert


St Marys Co., MD


Nov 06 1718
Culpepper MD


St Marys Co., MD


St Marys Co., MD
d. 1744






GREEN, William


Dec 28 1694
Port Tobacco, Charles Co, MD


ABT 1779
Shepherdstown, Berkley VA


BUTT, Dinah



Port Tobacco, Charles County, Maryland can be found on the Maryland, migration map above.  We all have a little different take on history.


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